Real Manolo Blahnik shoes have no serial numbers!

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Cat Eye Makeup The Sexy Lookrespond

Sat, 15 May 2010 15:42:43 +0000Cats are perhaps one species of animals which have long been mystifying men with its mysterious nature. The Egyptians, more than 4000 years earlier used to obsessively pray to cats. They have this certain unexplained air around them. This is maybe the most appropriate reason that women have been compared many a time with the cat. Furthermore, women like this too so they have developed new techniques through to get a sexy and appealing cat eye. A cat eye is a sort of a pointed make up line around the eyes to make them seem longer and more vicious. If done properly by a makeup expert, a cat eye can completely transform the average looks of a woman and can change her into a siren. However, if done badly by an excited amateur, a woman can make a complete fool out of herself. The basic process underlining the cat eye makeup scheme is not that tricky or complicated for the makeup enthusiast.

The better the makeup artist, the superior look you will achieve with your make up. This eye makeup technique is widely used by fashion designers on their models to accentuate their facial expressions because the eyes sometime seem to betray more than they are replica louis vuitton bags supposed to. This dramatic effect highlights the face to give it a mysterious blend of sexy and chic style, a common tool of famous designers like Chanel, Versace , and other Fashion houses too. The trick is not as dependent on skill or use of eye shadow; it has more to do with highlighting the aaa replica designer handbags curve and natural shape of the eyes.

The first step to bewitching cat eyes is the application product and the user has two main or rather popular options which people fake louis bag generally make use of a pot liner with a thin tapering or angled brush or a liquid liner. However, for first time, the most appropriate approach is two try out both because they work differently for different people and the desired results can be achieved from both. For explanations sake, suppose you decide to work with the liquid liner an easy yet inferior choice. People usually prefer to use these liquid liners by reason of their ease of use. Nevertheless, it won be much of a hassle using one. Go for one with the shortest tip of the pen. This will assist you to gain maximum control over your movements. After this, the second most important accessory is a hands free mirror which can magnify your eyes and face clearly.

Once you have all your cat eye makeup to hand, begin creating the perfect cat eyes by slowly tracing the inner corner of your eye by lightly touching it with the pen. You must ensure that these steps must be clearly and nicely done with open and attentive eyes so that you can get them right with the first shot. Another reason for opening eyes is because replica louis vuitton handbags it is quite hard to imagine how a winged line will go with the face with eyes open if you high quality replica handbags china have drawn them with eyes closed. Trace it close to the lashes and smoothly drag the pen towards the outer corner of the eye. Basically, you have to draw the Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags lines as close as practically possible to the lash line, though they can be perfected or flattened later on. While you are drawing the lines, slightly jerk your hands to give the wrist a flick towards the outer edge.

Ways to Identify the Real Manolo Blahnik Shoes From the Fake Onesrespond

Sat, 15 May 2010 15:36:31 +0000Mr Manolo proves himself as a man with brilliant ideas and skills throughout the shoes he designed all these years. His design always catches the eyes of the fashion lovers and as a result now he is the man who leads one of the largest footwear industries in the world. And people all over the world eagerly wait to see Manolo fresh and exclusive collections.

Manolo Blahnik collections are very classy. So these shoes are costly too. This is to say that these shoes are not for everyone. But these shoes are desired by every woman. For this reason there are some reproduced versions of this collection available in market. You can call them Manolo Blahnik replicas. These replicas are carbon copies of replica louis vuitton the original designer shoes. It is hard to find out which one is the fake. However, these shoes are not manufactured in the actual factory where all the originals are being produced. Besides, these shoes are very cheap than the original Manolo Blahniks.

The Manolo 1:1 replica handbags replicas are produced to satisfy the demand of those who need fashion in economical prices. Though they are exactly same as the original shoe, there are some differences between them. If you look at these differences you won be confused by the replicas and real. Original shoes are always made of genuine leather. Besides, the soles are always leather made and they are filled with leather lining. So louis vuitton copy bags uk , if you just observe the leathers you can find out which one is the high quality designer replica handbags replica or not. If you find any simulated work on that part you can determine it as a replica.

The best way to assure your Manolo Blahnik pair is to visit the official site of the brand itself. If you won find a picture of your shoes in that site or any other trustworthy sites then your collection could be a fake one. So, while purchasing a pair from the collection you have to look for the authentic signature. There are always labels in the original shoes carrying Manolo signature or branded with its name in uppercased majestic font. If you will look at the real ones then you will not hesitate to buy it.

Another way to find out the replicas is by checking the existence of serial numbers. Real Manolo Blahnik shoes have no serial numbers! You should also check the dust bags and the box, given with the shoes. The box and the bag should be white in color. Besides, the brand name should be printed in black capital font. To be sure about your own Manolos you have to follow these two things. The fake Manolos only look good. But all the celebrities are desperate for the real Manolos produced in the Manolo house. So if you ensure your shopping from Manolo Blahnik remember the ways to detect the fakes.

Louis Vuitton Bags What So Great About Them?respond

Sat, 15 May 2010 15:31:18 +0000ou want to make sure that your money is well spent. Well, I walk you through why you must get yourself a Vuitton it an investment of a lifetime. Here we go:

1. In bag world, nothing beats Vuitton when it comes to quality. There are many other great designers out there who make great quality bags, but Vuitton is top of the range. And has been for decades.

2. Vuitton bags are easy to recognize because of their unique shape. They have a solid appearance and have firm curves and tend to be able to stand by themselves. This partly comes from the design and also from the tough material they are made of. So if you looking for a bag that not floppy Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica , Vuitton is the best bet.

3. Vuitton bags come in great variety. There are shoulder bags, hand bags, waist bags, you name it, and they have it. It means you can have a whole set of Vuittons to suit different occasions.

4. Vuitton makes bags for both men and women not many designers do that. So if you looking for a special bag for your man, a Vuitton is a sure solution. They make great shoulder bags as well as high quality replica handbags china grip bags and will make your man look like he has great cheap louis vuitton bags from china fashion sense.

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